A Pale Ale Tale: Secondary Fermentation

Along with providing time to cook up some delicious brisket, President’s Day Weekend also marked eight days in primary fermentation for the Pale Ale.  Into the glass carboy it went for secondary fermentation and I have to say that this beer is the best looking pale thing since Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire.

Just as in Christmas in January and Amber Ale Fermentation – Take Two an auto siphon was used to move the beer into the carboy.

Siphoning beer into the carboy

This opportunity was also seized upon to take a measurement of the gravity of the beer and steal a quick taste.  As mentioned in Hapa’s Favorite Month: FeBREWary this beer upped the IBU ante a bit and this was evident in the smell and taste of the beer.  Nice hop aromas hit the nose and a sip of the beer finishes with strong hop notes.  Looking forward to enjoying a glass of the Pale Ale in a week or so.

Measuring the beer’s gravity

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