Conditional Use Permit Approved

Yesterday, March 9th, 2016 marked a huge milestone for Hapa’s Brewing Co.  After months of planning, architects, engineers, drawings, renderings, comments, and revisions, our Conditional Use Permit (CUP) went before the San Jose Planning Commission for approval.  All that work built up to a somewhat anticlimactic series of “yay” votes with zero “nay’s” and our CUP was approved!


We were agenda item 3c

What is a CUP and why is it important?  Our building is zoned Heavy Industrial which means we cannot have a retail space (AKA taproom) in the brewery.  The CUP changes how the building can be used and allows tenants to have onsite retail.  This milestone also marks the beginning of a flurry of activity.  We can now get our equipment ordered, start our buildout, and submit the final paperwork for our state and federal brewing licenses.  Stay tuned for many more updates soon!


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