A Special St. Paddy’s Day Pint

What would St. Patrick’s Day be without a pint of your favorite stout?  Most likely many of you are sitting in your office regretting that last Guinness and vowing that this is the last time you will over indulge during the work week.  A lofty, but laughable ambition.  At Hapa’s, the same holiday spirit that drives us to intoxication on a Thursday permeated through the walls and we couldn’t help ourselves but tap the stout keg. 

The beer poured a dark brown with a think and billowing head that left wonderful lacing in the glass.  Sweet caramel maltiness washed over the mouth and faded to a burnt toast finish that lingered on the edges of the tongue.  A great pint! 

Hapa’s St. Paddy’s Day Stout

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