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New Beer, First Friday, and Food Trucks

We have a packed week at the Hapa’s Taproom!  Tomorrow we’ll be releasing a new beer!  We’re calling this one Counter Clockwise New England IPA.  Brewed with Northern Hemisphere hops, this beer will assault your palate like a hurricane.  Light and hazy in color with copious late and dry hop additions, Counter Clockwise packs a hop punch without overpowering bitterness.  Clocking in at 6.8% ABV and 30 IBUs, look for notes of tropical fruits and citrus.

We’re also introducing First Friday where we’ll welcome local musician Pat Lynch to play an acoustic set on the first Friday of every month.  Pat has played in the taproom before and his mix of blues, rock, and soul sets the vibe right.

Lastly, we have a completely full slate of food trucks this week.  We’ll have dinner service everyday and our first Saturday lunch service.  Come on by for a pint and a bite!

Don’t forget the Dubs take on the Cavs for Game One on Thursday!


The Hapa’s Brewing Team

New beer! Counter Clockwise New England IPA

Conditional Use Permit Approved

Yesterday, March 9th, 2016 marked a huge milestone for Hapa’s Brewing Co.  After months of planning, architects, engineers, drawings, renderings, comments, and revisions, our Conditional Use Permit (CUP) went before the San Jose Planning Commission for approval.  All that work built up to a somewhat anticlimactic series of “yay” votes with zero “nay’s” and our CUP was approved!

We were agenda item 3c

We were agenda item 3c

What is a CUP and why is it important?  Our building is zoned Heavy Industrial which means we cannot have a retail space (AKA taproom) in the brewery.  The CUP changes how the building can be used and allows tenants to have onsite retail.  This milestone also marks the beginning of a flurry of activity.  We can now get our equipment ordered, start our buildout, and submit the final paperwork for our state and federal brewing licenses.  Stay tuned for many more updates soon!


ABC Public Notification goes up

Things are progressing nicely here at Hapa’s Brewing Company.  After a visit to our local ABC office, we were given our Public Notice of Application to Sell Alcoholic Beverages.  This has to be posted on our building for 30 days to give local residents a heads up that we’re moving in.  We were definitely more excited than we should have been to put up a sign.

Public Notice

This picture doesn’t accurately convey the excitement we felt.

The exterior of our building has also been painted!  You can see the new color in the picture of the Public Notice.  Additional construction has also been ongoing.  The fire suppression system is going in as is the overhang on the back patio.


One day those pipes will grow up to be a fire sprinkler system.

The hearing for our Conditional Use Permit is scheduled for March 9th.  Once that is approved, we’ll have the green light to start construction of our brew area and taproom and get our equipment ordered.

Stay tuned.  Lots going on and more to come soon!

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Flex your beer

It’s Friday which means you officially have the green light to indulge in some adult beverages after work.  For many people this means heading to a local watering hole for some happy hour beers with friends before heading out for a night of bad decisions. 

A brewery in Scotland is doing their best to expedite that process by brewing up the world’s strongest beer.  Tipping the scales at 65% ABV, your first bad decision is drinking this brew.

Gotta love the Bud Bowl footage!

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Welcome to Hapa’s Brewing Company

Welcome to the official blog of Hapa’s Brewing Company.  I created this blog to showcase my exploits in the brewing and culinary arts. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word “hapa” I offer this brief definition: Hapa is a Hawaiian language term used to describe a person of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander racial or ethnic heritage.  I try to incorporate this idea of mixing cultures when I brew a batch of beer or fire up the barbecue, stove, smoker, oven, etc.  The goal is to combine the best flavors from different cultures to create unique and delectable food and drink.