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Hapa’s Brewing Company Grand Opening Party!

It’s been a whirlwind last few weeks at Hapa’s Brewing Co.  We managed to get the doors open and have been overwhelmed with the love and support we’ve gotten from you all!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Now it’s time to celebrate! We would like to invite you all (and all of your friends and family) to the Hapa’s Brewing Company Grand Opening Party!  Details below:

What: Hapa’s Brewing Company Grand Opening Party! We’ll have more beers on tap, food trucks, music, local dignitaries, and general merriment!

Where: Hapa’s Brewing Company – 460 Lincoln Ave. Suite 90, San Jose, CA 95126

When: Saturday, February 25th from 1-5pm


The Hapa’s Brewing Team

P.S. Check out our new sign!


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Open for Business

This  is it!  The post four years in the making.  Hapa’s Brewing Company is opening to the public!  We passed our final building inspection last Friday and will open the doors Wednesday, January 18th at 4pm (check out our website for taproom hours).  Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way.  We couldn’t have done it without our friends, family, and all the beer lovers who have supported us for such a long time!

More to come including detail about our Grand Opening Party on February 11th!


The Hapa’s Brewing Team

We’re open for business!


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Cargo Ships, Landscaping, and Basketball Hoops

It was a relatively quiet week at Hapa’s Brewing Company.  There are several large projects that need to be completed now that our new concrete pads are in.  These include putting up the walk-in cooler, building a fence around the mechanical pad, and patching the taproom concrete floors.

In the meantime, there has been some fun brewery news.  First, the cargo ship with our steel on it successfully navigated the Panama Canal!

Our boat passing through the Panama Canal!

Our boat passing through the Panama Canal!

Secondly, our building is looking really good as landscaping work continues!



Lastly, we put up a basketball hoop!

Basketball Hoop


The Hapa’s Brewing Team

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Self-Serve Beer is Real

The Minnesota Twins will either be hailed as heroes or cursed as villains for implementing self-serve beer stations.  Thirsty baseball fans will be able to redeem pre-paid cards for as much or as little beer as they desire.  Stadium staff will be on hand to cut-off over (self) served fans and prevent underage patrons from buying beer.  Next up: self serve hotdog stations!


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Powdered Booze is a Thing

Alcohol comes in many forms: beer, wine, cocktails, shots, whatever these things are.  Well, there’s a new kid on the block coming to a liquor store near you.  Palcohol, that’s powder + alcohol, was recently approved by the TTB for sale in the US.  However, the company recently hit a snag with their label approval which will likely delay their launch.  Sometimes I fear for the human race.

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What’s Really in your Beer?

The year is 1487 and you find yourself in the German Empire.  You happen across a brewer and ask him what is in his beer.  His answer: “malt, water, and hops.”  Of course we now know that yeast is a critical fourth ingredient but in 1487, before the microscope, fermentation was the stuff of magical pixies and fairy dust.  Back then the law known as the Reinheitsgebot dictated that beer only include malt, water, and hops. 

Today, we include all kinds of stuff in beer.  Most of the time these adjuncts are used to create interesting flavor profiles that may or may not fit a defined style.  That’s all good as far as I’m concerned, but there are some other additives that may surprise you.  Check out this list of beers that use everything from artificial coloring to genetically modified ingredients.

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Brewery Pays Homage to ‘The Walking Dead’

Like many people, the good folks at Dock Street Brewing in Philadelphia love them some Walking Dead.  In fact, they love the zombie apocalypse show so much that they decided to brew a special beer for the season finale.  Naturally, any good zombie tribute beer would include smoked goat brains, so they added it to the recipe.  Enjoy! 

Mmmmm mmmmm brains!!!