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Licensing / Permits

We Built a Wall

No, it’s not the Great Wall of China.  No, it’s not visible form space (neither is the Great Wall of China BTW).  But we’re still proud of the wall that went up in the taproom today.  This wall will give us some extra storage space and also more cleanly defines the southend of the taproom.

What else is going on you ask?  Well, after not passing our underground plumbing inspection, things have been worked out and we’re clear to start putting the concrete pads back together.  Plumbing and electrical work continues.


The Hapa’s Brewing Team


Construction Has Begun

A few weeks ago our building permit was issued by the city of San Jose and today we broke ground on the renovations.  This is obviously a huge milestone for Hapa’s Brewing Company and one that gets us closer to opening day!  Check out the video below for a timelapse of today’s work which included removal of an existing room, saw cutting, and concrete removal.  There’s lots more to be done so check back often!


The Hapa’s Brewing Team

P.S. We have a YouTube channel now!


Building Permit has been issued

After weeks of back-and-forth with the city, we have our building permit!  This means we can break ground on getting our space ready for a brewery and taproom.  The work will consist mostly of new concrete floors to accommodate the weight of our tanks, new electrical, and new plumbing.

Let the construction begin!

Let the construction begin!

In other news, our glass storefront has been installed and we built our first table!  Now we just need some volunteers to test out said table (well, once we finish the benches).

The guy on the right looks really happy about being in this picture

The guy on the left looks really happy about being in this picture

Table #1

Table #1







The Hapa’s Brewing Team

Brewer’s Notice and Building Updates

Back in January we applied for our federal Brewer’s Notice.  After waiting to have our application reviewed and a bit of back-and-forth with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), we have been approved to make beer by the Federal Government!  More importantly, we can now pay the federal excise tax on the beer we brew!  Yay, taxes!

While we wade through all the excitement of applications, permits, and licenses work continues to progress on our building.  Check out the barn door that will lead into our space:







Openings have also been cut to accommodate our glass storefront and glass street door.


Permits, Licenses, and Contracts… Oh my!

Hapa’s Brewing Company cleared a large hurdle a few weeks back when our Conditional Use Permit was approved by the city of San Jose.  However, opening a brewery is a series of hurdles so the CUP celebration was short lived and we were back to work.  Getting the green light from the city means we can start on the following items:

  1. Apply for our federal Brewer’s Notice with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
  2. Apply for our state Brewery License with the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)
  3. Submit our building plans to the City Building Department
  4. Submit an application to the State Board of Equalization
  5. Order equipment

So, where are we on each of these steps?

  1. This process was actually started a couple months ago.  We didn’t need the CUP to apply for our Brewer’s Notice and because there is a long processing time we figured why not get started.  After quite a bit of paperwork and several rounds of comments from our TTB specialist, it appears we’re moving on to final approval.
  2. We also started this before getting the CUP however, the ABC wanted to see the final CUP approval before processing our application.  We’ve sent that in along with the rest of the paperwork.  Our license cannot be issued until we’re 30 days out from opening.
  3. We’ve hired a general contractor who will oversee all aspects of our buildout.  This includes plans drawn by an architect and structural engineer.  These are the plans that will be submitted to the city Building Department so we can get our building permit.  Our meeting with the city is scheduled for April 25th.
  4. In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.  Submitted.
  5. We’ve been working with our equipment manufacturer for months on our custom built 15 barrel brew system.  We couldn’t place the order until the CUP was finalized or risk being stuck with equipment and no place to put it.  We’ve approved the equipment drawings and paid the downpayment.  In a few months we’ll have a shiny new brew system!

Conditional Use Permit Approved

Yesterday, March 9th, 2016 marked a huge milestone for Hapa’s Brewing Co.  After months of planning, architects, engineers, drawings, renderings, comments, and revisions, our Conditional Use Permit (CUP) went before the San Jose Planning Commission for approval.  All that work built up to a somewhat anticlimactic series of “yay” votes with zero “nay’s” and our CUP was approved!

We were agenda item 3c

We were agenda item 3c

What is a CUP and why is it important?  Our building is zoned Heavy Industrial which means we cannot have a retail space (AKA taproom) in the brewery.  The CUP changes how the building can be used and allows tenants to have onsite retail.  This milestone also marks the beginning of a flurry of activity.  We can now get our equipment ordered, start our buildout, and submit the final paperwork for our state and federal brewing licenses.  Stay tuned for many more updates soon!


ABC Public Notification goes up

Things are progressing nicely here at Hapa’s Brewing Company.  After a visit to our local ABC office, we were given our Public Notice of Application to Sell Alcoholic Beverages.  This has to be posted on our building for 30 days to give local residents a heads up that we’re moving in.  We were definitely more excited than we should have been to put up a sign.

Public Notice

This picture doesn’t accurately convey the excitement we felt.

The exterior of our building has also been painted!  You can see the new color in the picture of the Public Notice.  Additional construction has also been ongoing.  The fire suppression system is going in as is the overhang on the back patio.


One day those pipes will grow up to be a fire sprinkler system.

The hearing for our Conditional Use Permit is scheduled for March 9th.  Once that is approved, we’ll have the green light to start construction of our brew area and taproom and get our equipment ordered.

Stay tuned.  Lots going on and more to come soon!