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Furniture Gets Made; Construction Continues

Whole lotta action at the brewery this week.  Here’s the quick summary:

  • We built two farmhouse tables, six benches, a bar height table, and started framing the bar and finishing the newly constructed furniture (Video below.  Huge shout out to my wife for all her help!!!)
  • The steel that will soon be made into our brewery tanks is on it’s way from Italy!  It’s currently on a cargo ship called the Seaspan Dalian in port in France
  • Preparations for the new brewery and walk-in pads continued with base rock going down and rebar and dowel installation
  • We have lights!  And light switches! And power outlets!  And they all work!

Things are moving right along with plenty more milestones to come!


The Hapa’s Brewing Team

We Built a Wall

No, it’s not the Great Wall of China.  No, it’s not visible form space (neither is the Great Wall of China BTW).  But we’re still proud of the wall that went up in the taproom today.  This wall will give us some extra storage space and also more cleanly defines the southend of the taproom.

What else is going on you ask?  Well, after not passing our underground plumbing inspection, things have been worked out and we’re clear to start putting the concrete pads back together.  Plumbing and electrical work continues.


The Hapa’s Brewing Team


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Demolition Continues at Hapa’s Brewing Co.

Today marked day three of demolition at Hapa’s Brewing Company (day 2 wasn’t eventful enough to warrant a video).  Our concrete team went Beast Mode and completed prepping for the walk-in and tanks slabs.  This consisted of concrete removal and digging out dirt to accommodate the two feet of reinforced concrete that will be poured back in.  They were also able to saw cut and remove the concrete for the drain piping (after I stopped filming… Oops).  Electrical work continues.


The Hapa’s Brewing Team


Construction Has Begun

A few weeks ago our building permit was issued by the city of San Jose and today we broke ground on the renovations.  This is obviously a huge milestone for Hapa’s Brewing Company and one that gets us closer to opening day!  Check out the video below for a timelapse of today’s work which included removal of an existing room, saw cutting, and concrete removal.  There’s lots more to be done so check back often!


The Hapa’s Brewing Team

P.S. We have a YouTube channel now!


Building Permit has been issued

After weeks of back-and-forth with the city, we have our building permit!  This means we can break ground on getting our space ready for a brewery and taproom.  The work will consist mostly of new concrete floors to accommodate the weight of our tanks, new electrical, and new plumbing.

Let the construction begin!

Let the construction begin!

In other news, our glass storefront has been installed and we built our first table!  Now we just need some volunteers to test out said table (well, once we finish the benches).

The guy on the right looks really happy about being in this picture

The guy on the left looks really happy about being in this picture

Table #1

Table #1







The Hapa’s Brewing Team

Brewer’s Notice and Building Updates

Back in January we applied for our federal Brewer’s Notice.  After waiting to have our application reviewed and a bit of back-and-forth with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), we have been approved to make beer by the Federal Government!  More importantly, we can now pay the federal excise tax on the beer we brew!  Yay, taxes!

While we wade through all the excitement of applications, permits, and licenses work continues to progress on our building.  Check out the barn door that will lead into our space:







Openings have also been cut to accommodate our glass storefront and glass street door.


Hapa’s Brewing Company Signs Lease

It’s official! Hapa’s Brewing Company has a home (Kinda. More on that later)! Earlier this week we signed the lease for our space in San Jose. After a long negotiation, the signing itself was somewhat uneventful – lots of initialing and one signature is all it took.



Now why do we “kinda” have a home?  Our lease is contingent on the city approving a conditional use permit.  This permit will allow us to build our taproom so all you craft beer drinkers can have a pint in our building.  Stay tuned for more updates!