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One More for the Trophy Case

Like many brewers the Hapa’s Brewing team got their start home brewing in the kitchen.  What started with a 12 quart pot, an Igloo Cooler mash tun, and plastic 5 gallon bucket grew to a tricked out stainless steel half-barrel system.  The brews got better and better the awards soon followed.

Sadly, this year marks the last amateur home brew competition for the Hapa’s Brewing team.  However, we’re happy to report that we went out with a bang!  The beer that will henceforth be known as Barbie’s Blond Ale took home first place at the World Cup of Beer!

First Place Ribbon!

First Place Ribbon!

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4 comments on “One More for the Trophy Case

  1. Lewis Cramer

    Congratulation Ryan,

    Look forward to meeting you and trying your brew….

    Best of luck,
    Lew Cramer

  2. AAAWWWHHHHH SOOOO happy for your Brian…..this is going to be so cool….cannot wait to celebrate with you!!!! Love, Cris & Ron Belli

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